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Lightning Mobile Inc was founded on a love of Service. Founded over 30 years ago by Bruce Haase, renowned business owner and a leader in Commercial Maintenance, our company has an obsessive eye for detail, and we put clients first every time. We span the state of Colorado, with Experts in Commercial Maintenance catering to clients in locations through out Colorado and Denver Metropolitan area.

Our company is led by exceptional individuals in keeping with the belief that quality is defined by the caliber of our team. Quite simply, we believe the satisfaction of our customers lies in the Service of high quality while also offering proper maintenance of commercial properties for clients all over the Colorado and Rocky Mountain area.

Service by Lightning Mobile

Electrical Service

With expertise and safety our electrical crews
with quality service go beyond the realms of
electrical maintenance.

Sand Blasting & Power Washing

We offer all blasting services that
include sand blasting and high pressure washing,
in all conditions.

Sweeping and Asphalt Maintenance

Combining performance tools and machines, good work ethics and
great customer service, Street and Lot maintenance is available when you need Lightning Mobile
so call us at Lightning Mobile for all parking lot needs...

Welding Services

Welding service at your finger tips. On site or,
off-site welding services
is waiting to help you with your next project.

What Our Clients Say

Lightning Mobile Operations

Because you want a one-of-a-kind service, we provide an array of custom service Colorado’s greater Denver Metropolitan and Rocky Mountain regions. Whether it’s Snow on your Parking Lot, Sand Blasting, or hiring an optional Electrician, you’re sure to experience your most attention and red carpet service from us. Learn more about Lightning Mobile Operations and our service areas in the Rocky Mountain and Colorado area below.


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