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If you’re looking for a safe and effective way to remove paint, rust, or other stubborn substances from surfaces, then soda blasting might be the solution for you.

What is Soda Blasting?

It is a non-destructive cleaning and stripping method that uses baking soda as the abrasive material. Unlike traditional sandblasting, soda blasting is gentle on surfaces and does not cause any damage. It is an environmentally friendly option as well since baking soda is non-toxic and water-soluble. It uses compressed air to propel sodium bicarbonate particles onto a surface, gently removing paint, rust, dirt, and other contaminants without causing any damage to the underlying material.

Lightning Mobile Services is the premier provider of soda blasting services throughout Colorado. We use the EPA approved Sandblaster Pro to clean rust, paint, carbon, and more. We offer soda blasting services to industrial and commercial clients in Denver and surrounding areas.

Anyone who has tried to remove engine grease or clean electrical components at home knows that a common household ingredient to use as an abrasive is baking soda. Believe it or not, sodium bi-carbonate, or baking soda, can also be used for commercial and industrial property maintenance services, thanks to a process known as soda blasting.

When it comes to abrasive blasting, soda blasting is a relatively new addition, but Lightning Mobile Services is pleased to add it to our long list of media blasting options. This alternative to other types of media blasting is so safe and gentle that it could be considered non-abrasive, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t effective at removing contaminants on certain surfaces.

What is Soda blasting used for?

It is particularly useful when dealing with surfaces that could be easily damaged, such as wood, plastic, chrome, and even glass. This makes it a great addition to any property clean-up project, especially for surfaces for which more aggressive blasting options, such as sandblasting, could prove detrimental.

Soda blasting won’t pit metal surfaces and it can help to prevent future rusting. It won’t create health or safety hazards, making it a good choice for indoor and outdoor use and ensuring that your business operations can continue relatively unimpeded during blasting. You don’t necessarily want to breathe in the dust created by soda blasting or get it in your eyes, but it’s a non-toxic and non-hazardous material, so it will be a mild irritant at worst.

This type of media blasting is also incredibly eco-friendly. Sodium bicarbonate is biodegradable, water soluble, and completely non-toxic. It’s the same stuff used in baked goods and toothpaste. It will dissolve and disperse in the environment, rather than building up and potentially impacting ecosystems.

It cannot be reclaimed, however. This can make materials for a project slightly more expensive, but considering the time you’ll save on prep work (as opposed to shielding adjacent surfaces to protect them from more abrasive blasting materials like sand), costs should even out or trend in your favor, all told. As you may know, sodium bi-carbonate is also a natural deodorizer, which makes it a great choice for treating mold on surfaces or dealing with smoke damage that can leave a lingering scent.

The trained and experienced professionals at Lightning Mobile Services can easily treat surfaces at your location, or you can transport items to our facility for on-site media blasting services. The nice thing about choosing soda blasting when applicable is that it’s so mild, it won’t harm other surfaces, and it’s safe enough that you won’t have to clear the building of personnel while your cleaning and maintenance project is underway.

Soda blasting isn’t the perfect solution for every project, but when used in combination with more abrasive blasting types, it fills an essential function associated with keeping your commercial or industrial property clean and well-maintained. Lightning Mobile Services is pleased to offer a vast array of media blasting services, along with other essential property maintenance options, so you can enjoy the convenience of one-stop shopping.[/bg_collapse]

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Best Soda Blasting Services Near You In Denver

Soda blasting is unique among abrasive blast cleaning solutions as it is more gentle on surfaces and is the preferred option for fire and smoke damage abatement and cleaning.

What sets soda blasting apart from other types of cleaning is the media it uses: sodium bi-carbonate — very similar to baking soda, something modern households use every day to get rid of stubborn staAins, not to mention make cookies.

Lightning Mobile Services uses sodium bicarbonate specifically made for industrial cleaning applications for our soda blasting service. It’s a safe, gentle, and effective way to clean or remove tough substances from more fragile or delicate surfaces.

How soda blasting service works

Soda blasting is the least abrasive form of blasting. It’s preferred by many because sodium bicarbonate doesn’t leave a surface profile behind on some surfaces and minimizes damage to substrates. One of the first uses of soda blasting was the restoration of the Statue of Liberty back in the 1980s.

In soda blasting, sodium bicarbonate is propelled onto the surface with highly compressed air through a nozzle. The baking soda particulates break apart the materials or substances lying on top of the surface or substrate. The amount of pressure used in soda blasting is considerably less than other processes, normally in the 100 to 150psi range.

Media Blasting for Businesses

Keeping a business looking its best doesn’t have to be a time-consuming or stressful process, particularly when you partner with the team at Lightning Mobile Services. Our years of experience restoring and repairing exterior surfaces give us an edge whether customers are needing services on newer or older buildings.

Having professionals on hand for routine maintenance of both industrial and commercial spaces is key to extending the life and look of your building. From epoxy and paint removal to soot and sediment removal to rust removal services and a variety of cleaning treatments in between, we provide superior results using specialized maintenance and restoration techniques.


Substances our Denver soda blasting service cleans

Soda blasting works to eliminate tough stains on a nearly microscopic level but is gentle enough to preserve the structure of the surface it’s applied to. Some of the substances soda blasting effectively gets rid of include:

  • Paint
  • Grease
  • Smoke damage
  • Caked-on dirt and dust
  • Oils
  • Indelible stains
  • Biological contaminants
  • Carbon

Advantages in using our Colorado soda blasting service

Soda blasting is a cleaning process that has several significant benefits:

It’s safe for the environment. Sodium carbonate releases no harmful emissions and creates a much lower volume of waste than alternate cleaning methods.

It’s safe to use around flammable materials. The lack of sparks or thermal emissions from soda blasting makes it safe to employ around flammable fluids and vapors, including those found in chemical plants or refineries.

There are no hazardous solvents or chemicals. The soda blasting process gently lifts stains and residue off surfaces through pressure, rather than dissolving them with chemical additives.

It’s best for extremely fragile surfaces. Since soda blasting is a less abrasive process that leaves the structure of the surface primarily intact, it’s safer to use on especially delicate items and surfaces.

It’s not an irritant. Sodium bicarbonate is present in human body chemistry. It won’t result in skin or eye irritation and helps to eliminate obnoxious odors.

It’s cost-effective. The reduced amount of post-blasting cleanup in soda blasting makes it more economically efficient. It may be a bit more expensive than other types, but by producing only 1/7th of the waste of other methods, the overall cost of soda blasting is more balanced.

It resists rust naturally. The buffers in sodium bicarbonate prevent the release of free metal ions, meaning it prevents rust from forming on metal.

It doesn’t harm water treatment systems. Sodium bicarbonate residue can be safely flushed into water systems after cleaning. In fact, sodium bicarbonate is beneficial to water treatment systems because it helps neutralize chemicals.

It doesn’t require pre-cleaning. Other blasting methods require cleaning off surface coatings before blasting starts to protect the substrate. Sodium bicarbonate doesn’t harm the substrate, so it’s not necessary to take this additional step in soda blasting.

It can be used during normal machine operation. Because of how gentle baking soda is, that means soda blasting can be conducted on certain machines in which continued operation is essential.

Put the best Denver soda blasting service to work

Lightning Mobile Services brings the gentle but powerful cleanup action of soda blasting straight to your business or home. To get more information and a quote for our soda blasting service, get in touch with us today.

We’re committed to customer satisfaction, and it shows in everything we do, from the premium services we provide to the friendly and accommodating support we’ve built a reputation on. When you need a service provider that has the expertise to advise you and ensure outstanding results, Lightning Mobile Services is the partner you’re looking for.

Whether you need soda blasting for automotive restoration, industrial cleaning, or graffiti removal, our team of experts is here to provide you with top-quality services. For more information about soda blasting or any of our other commercial and industrial maintenance services, contact us today at (720) 456-9191 or for a FREE Quote and consultation.

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