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Cleaning and maintenance can sometimes get relegated to the back burner as more pressing concerns of managing business operations take precedence. Unfortunately, this can lead to excessive accumulation of grime or rust on surfaces, or it could result in worsening damage and deterioration of paint or other coating materials, potentially casting your business in a bad light.

At Lightning Mobile Services, we understand the difficult balance between property maintenance and maintaining operations. You don’t want to lose valuable productivity by shutting down to clean, and with the right media blasting services, you won’t have to. We’re pleased to offer a variety of safe and effective blasting options, including dustless blasting, that help you to meet all of your goals.

Lightning Mobile Services specializes in the highly effective dustless blasting process for cleaning cars and light trucks. It’s a safe, high-tech way to get your vehicle looking like new. We’re conveniently located in Denver, Colorado. We provide commercial and industrial dustless blasting services in the Denver and surrounding area.

Dustless blasting is a revolutionary method of surface preparation that combines the power of traditional sandblasting with the technology of water and abrasive media. This process involves blasting a mixture of water, an eco-friendly abrasive media, and compressed air onto the surface to be cleaned. The water helps suppress dust and keeps the abrasive media from causing damage to the surrounding environment.

Not only is dustless blasting fast and effective, but it is also environmentally friendly. The use of water helps to contain the dust and prevent it from becoming airborne, reducing the risk of pollution and minimizing cleanup efforts. Whether you need to remove paint, rust, or any other type of surface coating, our dustless blasting technique is the perfect solution.

We are a top rated dustless blasting company that utilizes state-of-the-art technology to create dazzling finishes on the most challenging surfaces. Our mobile dustless blasting system is capable of multi-directional cleaning, polishing, brightening, and cleaning of intricate surfaces.

What’s different about dustless blasting? It pairs the impressive results of abrasive blasting with water to not only increase intensity, but also eliminating dust.

With dustless blasting, you’ll see incredible results with quick and efficient servicing that is safe enough to keep operations up and running throughout. When you just don’t have time to halt operations but you need to perform maintenance and upkeep to protect the integrity of components, dustless blasting from Lightning Mobile Services provides the ideal solution.


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Colorado Mobile Dustless Blasting

Dustless blasting is the safe and efficient way to remove substances like:

  • Paint or primer
  • Surface coating
  • Rust
  • Grease and grime
  • Contaminants
  • and more

Because there is no dust produced during the blasting process, your employees can safely go about their business while we work, without any worries of potential health and safety issues related to other types of media blasting. We quickly address problem areas so you can enjoy clean and restored surfaces that look like brand-new and continue to meet your functional needs.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we pride ourselves on delivering superior service and support. Our trained and experienced team provides top-notch service with a friendly and accommodating demeanor, and we’re always happy to offer advice on the best maintenance services to meet your particular needs.

We use advanced equipment for efficient and effective blasting, and we strive to minimize disruptions to your operations. Time is money, and we want to help you save both any time you partner with us for property maintenance services.

While we do offer a variety of other media blasting services, ranging from gentle options like corn cob blasting, to health-conscious services like dry ice blasting, to intensive treatments like sandblasting, we know that every business has different needs. In some cases, you need to remain operational during the blasting process, and we have the materials, equipment, and expertise to ensure the convenience and efficiency you require.

Lightning Mobile Services is your one-stop shop for all types of necessary property maintenance services. Whether you need surfaces cleaned or prepped for paint, you’re treating for rust or eliminating graffiti, or you’re interested in landscaping, snow plowing, or parking lot cleaning services, we offer everything under one roof so you don’t have to deal with a dozen different vendors. When we make your life easier, we’ve done our job.

For more information about dustless blasting or any of our other commercial and industrial maintenance services, contact us today at (720) 456-9191 or customerservice@lminc.net for a FREE Quote and consultation. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a quote for our services.


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Dustless Blasting Denver, CO | Colorado Mobile Dustless BlastingCorn Cob Blasting Denver, CO | Lightning Mobile Services
Dustless Blasting Denver, CO | Colorado Mobile Dustless BlastingDustless Blasting Denver, CO | Colorado Mobile Dustless Blasting
Dustless Blasting Denver, CO | Colorado Mobile Dustless BlastingDustless Blasting Denver, CO | Colorado Mobile Dustless Blasting
Dustless Blasting Denver, CO | Colorado Mobile Dustless BlastingDustless Blasting Denver, CO | Colorado Mobile Dustless Blasting

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