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Full Service Car & Truck Washing Denver, CO

Keeping a Car or Truck Wash Clean is a never-ending task for a busy wash station. Such a site accumulates many different types of stains, deposits and residue. It takes a commercial property maintenance specialist to professionally tackle a project like this. 

Lightning Mobile Services provides a full service mobile car & truck washing services in the Denver Metro Area. Our Denver fleet washing service is perfect for cars, truck, bus, RV, trailer, and construction vehicle owners. We are Denver’s trusted choice in vehicle care and maintenance. Our mission is to provide the highest quality and most comprehensive car and truck wash services in the Denver Metro Area. We have a state of the art facility that is fully staffed with friendly, professional, and experienced cleaners.

Car and Truck washes will quickly build up grease and grime all over the surfaces of the walls, floors and ceilings of the structure. If the vehicles are left running while being inside the car or truck wash, exhaust residue will also build up on the ceilings and the walls. As the vehicles are being washed there is a constant splattering of dirty, soapy water mixed with oil, grease and dirt that covers the walls.

When the car and truck wash is not being used that splattering dries and hardens onto the finish of the structure. This in turn becomes many layers of film and residues that adheres to the original finish, becoming quite a difficult situation to remove. The example shown below was taken from Tommy’s Car & Camper Wash in Arvada, Colorado.

For this project we used a rehabilitating cleaner and hot water pressure and the brick was brought back to its original appearance and color. Whether you just need a one-time cleaning, or want to start a regularly scheduled routine degreasing plan, you will find us both affordable and professional. Contact us today for a FREE Quote!

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