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Sandblasting is a highly effective method of surface preparation that involves propelling abrasive materials at a high velocity to clean, smooth, or roughen a surface. Whether you are a homeowner looking to restore the beauty of your property or a business owner who needs to prepare surfaces for painting or refinishing, sandblasting can be a great solution.

At our sandblasting company in Denver, we offer a wide range of sandblasting services to cater to the specific needs of our clients. Sandblasting involves the use of powerful equipment and abrasive materials, which can be hazardous if not handled properly. Our technicians are trained in the proper safety protocols and take all necessary precautions to protect themselves as well as the surrounding environment. We adhere to industry standards and regulations to ensure that every sandblasting project is completed safely and with the utmost care.

We provide sandblasting services in Denver for concrete, asphalt, brick, block, tile, stucco, stone, metal, tile, and wood. We offer sandblasting solutions for industrial and commercial properties. 

Because sandblasting is one of the most abrasive forms of media blasting, it’s not right for every surface. For example, it would do serious damage to soft materials like wood. It can also pose health and safety risks, so any area on your property slated for this treatment will have to be cleared of personnel for the duration.

That said, there are advantages to choosing this type of media blasting for specific types of projects. It is especially well-suited to use on hard surfaces, such as certain metals. In some cases, it can be used to restore brick, but this will depend on the age and relative hardness or softness. Our talented team can make an assessment and determine the perfect abrasive blasting material based on any surface on your property you want to clean or restore.

Sandblasting is frequently used to remove:

  • Paint
  • Coating
  • Rust
  • Dirt
  • Grime

It quickly strips away the undesired coating to reveal clean surface material beneath, allowing you to enjoy the natural beauty of metal or brickwork, or repaint or coat the surface anew. The professionals at Lightning Mobile Services have the knowledge and skill to ensure a perfect finish every time.

Our skilled team is adept at getting the job done quickly and efficiently, with no damage to surfaces and minimal disruption to your operations. While we’re happy to bring our advanced equipment, including commercial sized pressure pot and siphon systems, to your location for large-scale projects, we also have on-site sandblasting capabilities at our facility. Any portable items can be delivered for treatment in our blast rooms, for your convenience.

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How Does sandblasting works?

Sandblasting is a form of media blasting used to dislodge and remove deep-set stains, paint, rust, and other blemishes from certain building exteriors and surfaces. The process of sandblasting is essentially the same, no matter what specific methods of materials one chooses to use.

Sandblasting employs the use of an air-powered pressure gun filled with small bits of material, usually silica sand. The gun fires the sand at an extremely high velocity onto a hard surface. The combination of the high momentum of the gun and the abrasive qualities of the sand strips material off the surface.

Sandblasting scours and cleans the toughest stains from exteriors that don’t usually respond to mild cleaning agents, or have residue worn into the surface over a long time. It’s especially effective on metal, steel, hardwood, heavy glass, and other impermeable materials. The silica sand used in sandblasting is specially treated in the gun barrel to prevent long-term erosion.

Advantages of Denver sandblasting services over other methods

Sandblasting is a powerful cleaning solution with a few significant benefits over other cleaning solutions:

  • Suitable for several substances and objects. Sandblasting takes care of any kind of hardened dirt and stubborn residue. It works on virtually any object or surface that needs tough stains or signs of wear erased, including vehicles, industrial machinery, walls, fences, even gear works.
  • Effective against rust and corrosion. Abrasive cleaning is particularly powerful against rust on metal surfaces that can cause severe damage if left untreated.
  • Helps restore surfaces to their original appearance. Sandblasting doesn’t just smooth over a tough surface: It eliminates the tough elements that amass on it, bringing the material closer to its original condition than other, more cosmetic treatments. It’s the best way to strip an inflexible surface in preparation for repainting.
  • Simple, fast, and efficient. Sandblasting is not complicated. It’s a swift, direct process that doesn’t need time-consuming prep work, chemical additives, laborious steps, or a huge amount of cleanup. A sandblasting job can be finished in just a few hours.

Environmentally friendly. The science of sandblasting is based on the physical properties of velocity and abrasion — that’s all. There’s no need for chemical-based cleaning products that can harm the environment. Sandblasting is an eco-friendly and responsible method of surface clean-up and restoration.

How Colorado sandblasting services can help your business

Businesses with long-standing maintenance issues, substantial property investments, and readiness to start restoration or cleaning projects won’t find a better solution than sandblasting in Denver:

  • Sandblasting restores buildings and materials to near-new condition. There’s no better way to efficiently remove the oils, dirt, and build-up that collect on a surface over time. By eliminating all the underlying materials and substances rather than just painting over them, sandblasting is the most thorough method of restoring building materials to their original shape.
  • Sandblasting is quickly effective. Especially with tough surfaces like metal and steel, sandblasting is extraordinarily fast. Even the most complex sandblasting project can be completed without a substantial amount of downtime to your business operations.
  • Sandblasting protects and improves property investments. Building wear and tear can turn into a major operating expense if it’s not taken care of effectively. The cost of sandblasting repays itself by helping businesses avoid major repair and overhaul services down the road. It’s a solid way to retain and potentially improve the value of your investment.

Lightning Mobile Services’ Colorado sandblasting services help hundreds of local businesses and industries keep their premises in superior condition in convenient and effective ways. We can also help businesses with routine maintenance, removal of unwanted materials, landscaping, ice removal, and other large-scale projects for your business needs.

Why to use professional Denver sandblasting services

Sandblasting is effective when it’s done by an experienced, professional team like Lightning Mobile Services. But it’s crucial to make sure the company you contract for sandblasting has an established record of quality results and effective procedures. Even though it’s an uncomplicated process, sandblasting can be hazardous when it’s done without the right precautions by inexperienced individuals — and it should never be attempted on your own.

Although silica sand and other sandblasting agents are effective, they must be used with extreme care. Certain substances used in the process can produce a considerable level of toxic dust and residue which can be harmful when you breathe them in. Exposure to these by-products can result in severe health risks such as lung damage and even cancer.

Personal protective equipment is an absolute must for sandblasting operations. The protective gear employed in sandblasting — including helmets, eye protection, noise guards, and safety boots — aren’t usually on hand in a retail or business storeroom. This is professional-grade equipment not readily available to non-professional consumers.

For that reason, it’s important to ensure that the company you hire for sandblasting services takes all the necessary steps to protect themselves and your business against these health risks.

Lightning Mobile Services’ sandblasters follow the exhaustive and detailed procedures as outlined by OSHA to protect themselves and their customers. These include specific actions to reduce exposure to toxic dust. They also cover ventilation, noise abatement, sanitation, and post-job cleanup.

If you need sandblasting services in Denver, look no further than our professional sandblasting company. With our experience, expertise, and commitment to excellence, we are confident that we can meet and exceed your expectations. 

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Sandblasting Denver, CO | Professional Sandblasting Services Denver, COSandblasting Denver, CO | Professional Sandblasting Services Denver, CO
Sandblasting Denver, CO | Professional Sandblasting Services Denver, COSandblasting Denver, CO | Professional Sandblasting Services Denver, CO
Sandblasting Denver, CO | Professional Sandblasting Services Denver, COSandblasting Denver, CO | Professional Sandblasting Services Denver, CO
Sandblasting Denver, CO | Professional Sandblasting Services Denver, COSandblasting Denver, CO | Professional Sandblasting Services Denver, CO

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