Dry Ice Blasting in Denver, CO

What is Dry ice Blasting?

It involves propelling small particles of dry ice at high speeds to clean a wide range of surfaces. Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide, and when it hits the surface, it effectively lifts off the dirt, grease, or other contaminants. The process is non-abrasive, non-toxic, and leaves no waste behind, making it ideal for a variety of industries and applications.

At Lightning Mobile Services, we take pride in offering exceptional dry ice blasting services in Denver. Our team of trained professionals has extensive experience in utilizing this cutting-edge cleaning method to deliver outstanding results. Whether you need to clean industrial equipment, remove graffiti, or eliminate mold and mildew, our dry ice-blasting service can handle it all. 

We blast oil and other contaminates from surfaces such as concrete, stonework, masonry and more. Dry ice blasting is a completely safe and environmentally friendly way to restore surfaces and get rid of oil and other contaminates. Dry Ice Blasting Denver provides a safe cleaning alternative for a variety of surfaces. We are proud to provide you with dry ice blasting cleaning services for industrial and commercial properties. 

When it comes to media blasting services, we offer several options to restore every type of surface, including minimally abrasive options like dry ice blasting. This unique method of safely cleaning surfaces relies on the use of dry ice pellets, and is approved by the EPA, FDA, and USDA. It is an ideal option for operations that handle food or subscribe to strict environmental controls, and Lightning Mobile Services is proud to be one of the only providers of this unique service for commercial and industrial interests in Colorado.

What is dry ice blasting used for and what makes it so beneficial? Using dry ice might not sound as effective as more abrasive blasting methods, such as sandblasting, but there are occasions where a delicate approach is best. Sometimes you need the scalpel instead of the sledgehammer.

This is particularly accurate for businesses that must meet strict standards for health and safety associated with food production or preparation. Surfaces can become coated in grease and grime, defying efforts to keep them clean with conventional cleansers. What’s the solution? Dry ice blasting.

This gentle abrasive is both safe and effective, removing months or years of buildup on surfaces without causing any damage, thanks to soft material composition. There is no dust or residue left behind after servicing because dry ice transforms from a solid to a gas as it warms, rather than reverting to a liquid like regular ice. This makes for an efficient and convenient means of cleaning interior surfaces.

It’s so safe, in fact, that you won’t have to bother removing equipment during cleaning – no surfaces will be harmed in the process. Employees may even be present without any fear of harm, allowing you to largely carry on operations while specific areas are being serviced.

Denver Dry Ice Blasting Services


Lightning Mobile Services offers dry ice blasting to a variety of commercial and industrial enterprises in the food and beverage industry, and beyond, such as:

  • Restaurants and commercial kitchens
  • Bakeries
  • Microbreweries
  • Laboratories
  • and more

Dry ice blasting can be used to remove built-up grease, grime, and dried petroleum products, or it can safely remediate issues like fire damage or mold, just for example. It won’t cause corrosion or oxidation, which makes it a great choice for cleaning and restoring electrical components.

If you’re fed up with accumulated grease and grime on surfaces in your workspace and you need to clean for health and safety purposes, the specialists at Lightning Mobile Services have the expertise to deliver the superior results you crave without harming surfaces or disrupting the flow of work.

Safe and effective dry ice blasting is the answer, and we have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to do the job right. Whether your job is large or small, we’re happy to help you restore your interior surfaces to optimal cleanliness and like-new appearance.

We are Colorado’s premier provider of dry ice blasting services. We use dry ice pellets to clean anything from electronics, medical, automotive, construction, and more.

For more information about dry ice blasting or any of our other commercial and industrial maintenance services, contact us today at (720) 456-9191 or customerservice@lminc.net for a FREE Quote and consultation.

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Denver Dry Ice Blasting | Dry Ice Blasting Services In Denver, ColoradoDenver Dry Ice Blasting | Dry Ice Blasting Services In Denver, Colorado
Denver Dry Ice Blasting | Dry Ice Blasting Services In Denver, ColoradoDry Ice Blasting Denver

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