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Street Sweeping

With over 30 years serving Colorado communities, one of the things we pride ourselves on most at Lightning Mobile Services is our ability to expand our services to meet the needs of our customers, making us a trusted and preferred provider of property maintenance services throughout the Denver Metro area and beyond. One of the many desirable services we’ve added over the years is street sweeping.

When it comes to exterior maintenance, most businesses have two main goals. You not only want to provide a safe atmosphere that reduces liability risks and facilitates access to your property, but you also want to make a good first impression with clean, attractive, and inviting spaces that deliver maximum curb appeal.

Our street sweeping services deliver on both scores. Whether abundant traffic or the onslaught of elements produces dirt and debris littering the streets and walkways surrounding your property, the end result is an unsightly and potentially hazardous situation that could impede access to your business. This, in turn, could deter customers and impact profits. Even worse, it could pose a safety hazard, resulting in liability risks.

Maintaining a safe and attractive property is essential to presenting your business in the best light, ensuring good customer relations, and providing a workplace free of health and safety hazards. With street sweeping services from Lightning Mobile Services, you can make a good impression and maintain safe accessibility.

We’re pleased to offer a range of services, including large-scale street sweeping equipment to manage significant clean-up efforts, as well as day porter services to attend to minor monitoring and maintenance services in between. You don’t necessarily need to bring in the big guns on a daily basis, but regular maintenance, including frequent street sweeping, is essential if you want to keep your commercial or industrial operation functional and attractive.

Lightning Mobile Services offers both one-time and ongoing, scheduled street sweeping services to meet your specific needs. Depending on circumstances, including proximity to busy thoroughfares that kick up a lot of dust and debris, or seasonal weather conditions, for example, we can recommend a maintenance schedule that best suits your needs.

Whether you own and operate an industrial complex, a retail store, a shopping center, or other commercial or industrial concerns, you need to make every effort to facilitate safe access to your location and create a good first impression on customers, business partners, investors, and so on. You always want to encourage patronage, and your curb appeal certainly has an impact, one way or another.

Don’t forget, you can also pair our street sweeping services with snow plowing and ice mitigation as the seasons change, helping you to increase access, maintain appearance, and reduce liability year-round. Lightning Mobile Services has all of the property maintenance services you need in one place for your convenience and peace of mind.

Over time, streets, parking lots, and walkways around your property are going to suffer build-up of dirt, debris, oil, and other contaminants. Regular street sweeping services are an ideal solution, especially when paired with occasional pressure washing to remove the toughest grime.

For more information about commercial and industrial street sweeping or any of our other commercial and industrial maintenance services, contact us today at 303-595-9559 or for a free quote and consultation.

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