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Crushed Glass Paint Removal

One of the advantages of using the property maintenance services of Lightning Mobile Inc., is the fact that we have the most all of the equipment and materials available at hand as far as “media blasting” is concerned. Along with the various “blasting” equipment and materials that we have at our disposal, we are quite experienced with all those different blasting methods. Our expertise will help to determine what type of method and blasting media is best suited for your needs.

The above slideshow pictures how this project looked before we took over this project and then once the job was completed. The location is a concrete coatings business and this is a display setting. The business tried to remove the paint from the colored stone themselves but did not have the proper equipment to do this correctly.

For this project, we used crushed glass blasting. We decided on this method because crushed glass usually will not “profile” the surface that is being treated. The trick is to be using the correct pressure, blasting equipment and material to get a job like this done. There’s more to glass beads than just glass beads!

Crushed glass grit is available in several mesh sizes, thus giving more options to use. Crushed glass delivers very low particle embedment, which produces a whiter, cleaner finish. Similar to many slags, crushed glass grit has a hardness of 5.0 – 6.0 on the Moh’s Hardness Scale. At Lightning Mobile Inc., we stock or have available most all the commonly used sizes of glass beads and the various power equipment to supply the correct PSI to get the job done right the first time, every time.

Another advantage to our using crushed glass for the paint removal process is that it is an environmentally safe material and process. Crushed glass grit contains no free silica, is non-toxic and inert and contains no heavy metals typically found in coal and copper slags.

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