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Commercial Street Sweeping and Clean Up


Lightning Mobile Inc. is a provider of commercial and industrial property street and lot sweeping and cleaning, as well as offering day porter services. We have the large scale street sweeping vehicles and equipment to handle the large scale shopping centers, office complexes and industrial centers that do accumulate a lot of dirt, grime and garbage over a short amount of time.

It is imperative to commercial retail centers to keep their parking areas, driveways and walkways clean and free of debris as this in turn gives a good reflection to the customers that these businesses are both professional and concerned about appearances. Before your customers can see you wares inside your facility, they must first park in your lot. Therefore, this is where they might actually get their first impressions of your business!

We can be scheduled to keep your facilities’ parking areas, driveways and walkways spotless at the regular intervals that you require. Sweeping and pick up trash services are not the only thing we offer, as we have the equipment and skilled personnel to pressure clean the tough to remove oil and grease stains, as well as anything else that ought not be there.

Lightning Mobile Inc. offers parking lot services as well from maintenance, cleaning the lot of debris, cleaning and the removal of oil and grease stains on the drive, day porter services and more.

Furthermore we offer Asphalt Repair and Concrete Flatwork.

Our scheduling is available to be at your facility when it is best for your business, even if that means nighttime’s, weekends and holidays. We are your 24/7/365 service company!