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The Services of Lightning Mobile Inc.

The professional commercial and industrial property maintenance services of Lightning Mobile Inc. are many, from power washing to snow plowing, to electrical contracting and so much more!

Basically Lightning Mobile Inc. provides nearly every type of exterior maintenance that might be needed for commercial and industrial property owners and management companies.

Our various “blasting” services include sandblasting, as well as many other type of “media” blasting, for instance soda blasting, glass bead blasting, corn cob blasting, walnut shell blasting, various type of metal slag blasting, oxide blasting, plastic bead blasting and various types of grits for blasting purposes as well.

Also we are one of the only commercial and industrial use providers of Dry Ice Blasting, Dustless Blasting and HydroBlasting in the State of Colorado! All three of these specialty “blasting” services are quite unique each in their own way and perhaps at least one of these professional techniques could be the solution for the situations your properties that are needing attention.

Lightning Mobile Inc’s Electrical Contracting division provides electrical services to the commercial and industrial properties like WalMart and Sam’s Club as well as many other businesses. We can provide electrical maintenance, service upgrades, tenant finish, warehouse lighting, parking lot and street lighting and many other commercial and industrial type electrical services.

Power Washing or Pressure Washing is another of Lightning Mobile Inc’s specialties. In fact, it is the first professional service that we started with! Whether it be low, medium, high or even ultra-high pressure, we have the correct equipment for the job, as well as the expertise to know what is the best means of tackling the situation/s at hand.

Mobile Welding and Fabrication is another one of Lightning Mobile Inc’s many specialties, providing the on site welding services that are required for “on the spot” needs, like 24/7 hour availability and being able to get to the “hard to reach” areas that require a lift truck or the like.

Snow Plowing & Removal and Ice Management is available to commercial and industrial properties only! We do not perform residential contracting! Lightning Mobile Inc. has one of the largest fleet of snow plowing and removal equipment and vehicles in all of Colorado. On our YouTube page we have some great video examples for you to see.

Graffiti Removal from all types of surfaces and locations by our expert Graffiti removal crew is something that we are known for in the Denver Metro area as we are the company that has been used for all Graffiti Removal by the City of Thornton and we are on call with the State of Colorado at the Capital Building.

Log Home and Wood Restoration is one of the few Lightning Mobile Inc. specialties where we do perform “residential” work. Our experienced technicians know how to correctly deal with wooden surfaces and logs and we can bring them back to their original condition. We have the needed equipment and vehicles to handle the mountain areas and tough to get to projects.

Parking Lot & Garages are constantly getting filthy from the oil, grease, smoke and garage left behind by the visitors, maybe your customers and over a short amount of time the area can be unsightly. This type of appearance can reflect to your customers what type of service you might provide them, so it is key to keep the parking lots and garages clean and maintained. We do this at Lightning Mobile Inc. as well as offering Day Porter Services.

Parking Lot & Garage Striping and Painting services are yet another one of our professional services available to commercial and industrial businesses.

Asphalt and Concrete Repair is available for those commercial and industrial properties that are in need of expert care in restoring your damage and/or worn out asphalt and concrete surfaces, as well as we also perform Concrete Flatwork as needed.

Please check out our YouTube videos so that you see the professionalism and experience of our management team and technicians. To the left you are just a few of the videos and we have many more to view at: