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Power/Pressure Washing

Complete Exterior Cleaning for Commerical & Industrial Properties

Pressure Washing Up To 5,000 PSI

When it comes to Power Washing, also known as Pressure Washing for commercial and industrial property owner and management companies, they need the skilled experience of technicians that understand what is the best method for the structure and surfaces at hand.

At Lightning Mobile Inc., we have the correct equipment, vehicles and knowledgeable crew to handle any type of cleaning, restoration, mitigation and abatement situations that might arise as a business or property owner might ever need. Our specialized services are available whenever you might need them, 24/7 and on emergency basis as well.

Whether your situation requires a hot water and low pressure washing method, a cold water and detergent plan at a medium pressure or any other type of pressure washing program, our expertise in handling each situation at hand as a unique and special project will assure the correct solution to your problems are taken each and every time.

We know how to accomplish professional results for such situations as Efflorescence Removal, Awning and Canopy Cleaning, Grease & Oil Removal, Building Exteriors Cleaned, Graffiti Removal, Concrete Etching, Gum Removal, Mineral Cleaning, Dumpsters and Dumpster Pads Clean Up, Parking Lot & Garages, Driveway & Sidewalk Cleaning, Fleet Cleaning and more!

At Lightning Mobile Inc. we specialize in taking care of the needs that properties like shopping centers, malls, restaurants and office complexes require in order to keep their sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and building exteriors looking good for their customers and clients. A clean exterior makes for a good first impression.