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Up to 40,000 PSI of power washing pressure for those really tough jobs

Pressure Washing Up To 40,000 PSI

When it comes to specialized commercial and industrial strength power washing we offer everything from low pressure washing methods and techniques to some of the most powerful equipment available here in Colorado! Offering UHP (Ultra High Pressure) of Hydro Blasting services where we can deliver up to 40,000 Pounds Per Square Inch (PSI)!

From removing layers of concrete from bridges and other structures without compromising the integrity of that structure, to removing epoxy based paint, descaling heavy duty equipment and vehicles and concrete etching, the expert technicians at Lightning Mobile Inc. will provide the professional outcome the commercial and industrial business expect.

Hydro Blasting offers a completely different option of getting rid of concrete, asphalt and other like outer surfaces that are difficult to remove without harming the integrity of the structure. For instance, when a bridge needs to be resurfaced and checked for structural integrity, the last thing that ought to be done is to use jackhammers and other road building equipment. By using a condensed stream of water spinning in a circle at up 40,000 PSI, the concrete can be stripped away safely leaving the structure underneath with no damage from the removal process.

Concrete tanks and pipes can be cleared safely using this method. Though this technique is sometimes also known as “hydrodemolition” it is not used as much for demolition than it for resurfacing.

Removing various curb or epoxy paints can be quite difficult with lower pressure washing equipment. Since we have all the equipment to provide very low pressure washing methods, as well as other units that can reach up to 5,000 PSI and then other equipment reaching up to 40,000 PSI, we can tackle all the “problem removals” like airport runway paint and airfield rubber.

Do you need to remove a sealant, coating or weather proofing that is known to be tough dealing with? Our expert technicians know how to handle the situation. Please give us a call at (303) 595-9559 to find out more about our professional services for commercial and industrial property owners and businesses.