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Professional Graffiti Removal

Serving the State of Colorado’s Capital Building for Graffiti Removal

Colorado’s Premier Graffiti Removal Specialists

Professional Graffiti Removal by Colorado’s Premier Property Maintenance company, we are contracted with the city of Thornton to remove all the tagging there and we also perform Graffiti Removal for the State of Colorado’s Capital Building. Commercial, Industrial and Residential property owners and management companies can count on getting decades of expertise with our technicians and the added benefit of our very large array of specialized equipment and fleet of vehicles to tackle any graffiti problem no matter where it is located.

"Graffiti vandalism impacts not only the property owner, but the entire community."

Once a location has been attacked by the graffiti people known as “taggers” it needs to be removed as soon as possible otherwise there is the very likely chance that more tagging will appear because leaving it there is an invitation for more graffiti. Numerous studies have shown this to be true, so fight back by having it removed immediately!

No matter what type of surface the graffiti might be on, we have the decades of experience, knowledge, skills and specialized equipment and techniques to handle the situation at hand. Some of our methods of removal are various types of media blasting depending of the type of surface that has been attacked. Other times it might be a situation where some type of a pressure washing tactic could be the best means to remove the offending graffiti. Our knowledgeable technicians will determine what means is best to provide the safest methods to keep the integrity of the surface.

In 2012 the City of Thornton received a national award for Outstanding Achievement in Code Enforcement Techniques by the American Association of Code Enforcement for their methods of quickly removing the graffiti as a city maintenance function at no cost to the property owners. The City of Thornton has been using the services of Lightning Mobile Inc. to do the graffiti removal for the commercial sites since the inception of the program.

Do you have a “problem area” where there is constant tagging of the property? Please consult us about the Graffiti Protection Coatings and Blocker Applications we have available.