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Lightning Mobile Electrical Contracting

Commercial, Retail and Industrial Installations, Repairs and Maintenance for all of Colorado

Electrical Contracting

Lightning Mobile Inc’s Electrical Contracting Division is one of Colorado’s premier electrical contractors specializing in performing the electrical service needs of the retail, commercial and industrial communities. Whether these needs be new electrical installations, repair, service or scheduled maintenance we have the experience, the technicians, the equipment and vehicles to handle all the situations that might arise.

Listed below are just some of the many types of electrical service work that we perform:

24/7 Emergency Service = Generally speaking, people seem to just take for granted that the electrical systems are working just fine because they see no problems at the time. However, when electrical situations happen, generally they don’t “just happen” but rather it is the accumulation of factors that finally reached the point of becoming a problem. This could be anything from a flickering light to an actual electrical fire.

Many businesses need to have their electrical systems running constantly and so any downtime can be a real problem. These facilities require immediate action to correct any problem in order to minimalize any possible downtime. Therefore, our electrical division is available for emergency service work 24/7 for your convenience.

Service Upgrades = Many of the older buildings today do not truly have the electrical capacity needed to meet the demands of newer equipment, the addition of extra circuits and appliances, as well as meeting the latest National Electrical Codes requirements. By having your old electrical service upgraded with a larger and up to date electrical panel/s, your facility will then be able to have additional equipment and appliances installed without the worry of an electrical overload. Our licensed electricians will assure that your facility’s new electrical wiring is not only safe, but also meeting and exceeding the electrical codes and standards.

Emergency Generator Installs = Having an emergency generator on site can save a business from losing valuable assets, such as refrigerated items, as well as having the correct generator system can keep your computers and other office equipment and lighting running while the power from the local electric company is down. The installation of emergency generators requires a permit and must be performed by a licensed electrical contractor.

Exterior Lighting = We have the vehicles, equipment and skilled technicians to handle all the various situations that come about with exterior lighting.

Signage = Does your signage need electrical repair or conversion, or do you need new signage installed? Lightning Mobile Inc. can take care of your needs.

Emergency/Life Safety Lighting Service = Every commercial building has emergency lighting requirements as per national, state and local building codes. It is imperative to be sure that your facility meets the necessary requirements!

Tenant Finishes = Whether your tenant finish needs are for retail business or office space, we have the expertise to handle all tenant finishing needs. We can add the required new lighting and outlet circuits as needed, as well as all data and phone wiring. If need be, we can help you design and layout whatever high and low voltage wiring you might require for your tenant finish.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations = Every day the number of electric vehicles on the roads is increasing. Therefore, the need for charging stations increases as well.

LED Upgrades and retrofits = Lightning Mobile Inc. has partnered with Xcel Energy and other utility companies to assist customers in reducing their carbon footprint. Reduce your wattage consumption without compromising your light output by replacing your existing lighting to energy saving LEDs.

Directional Boring = Leading Colorado in directional boring services is Lighting Mobile Inc. Providing directional boring and underground utility installations for all types of underground utilities including electric, phone, cable, fiber optics, water, sewer and gas. We offer these services to both large scale installations all the way down to small residential boring.

Fault Locating and Circuit Tracing = There are times when in order to repair the problem at hand, troubleshooting must be performed. Sometimes that requires tracing down the circuits and locating the fault. We have both the expertise and equipment to tackle such situations.

General Maintenance = In order to keep electrical systems in good operational shape, proper and timely maintenance should be done at regular intervals. We can be scheduled at any time day or night to perform such electrical maintenance for your facility.


Overloading electrical circuits can lead to a situation like you see above! Sometimes a circuit breaker does NOT trip, which then leads to bigger problems, like an electrical fire. This situation can be easily avoided by making sure that none of your circuits are over the capacity they were intended to be used at.


This is the Ohm’s Law pie chart which is key to all electrical calculations. Our licensed electricians comply to Ohm’s Law whenever and wherever we perform our work.


We can install outdoor and parking lot/street lighting that is photovoltaic! In other words, the electricity is supplied by the sun and then stored in batteries so that there is no need to bring electrical wiring to each light’s location.


We can install or retrofit lighting in all those tough to reach locations.


We can handle all your low and high voltage electrical needs for tenant finishing. Electrical circuits, outlets and lighting, phone, cable and data wiring performed by just one contractor.


Expert installation of electrical conduits.