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Commercial & Industrial Snow Plowing

Specializing in large scale snow plowing & removal, as well as ice imitigation

Commercial & Industrial Snow Plowing & Removal
and Ice Mitigation

At Lightning Mobile Inc. we have one of the largest snow equipment fleets in all of Colorado with more than 150 vehicles and pieces of heavy duty equipment to deal with the winters of Front Range of Colorado, servicing all of Denver Metro. Specializing in large scale projects such as shopping centers, malls, building - office complexes and restaurants.

Having your parking lots, driveways and sidewalks cleared and safe for the arrival of your employees and customers is an important aspect of doing business in the winter time. Having snow and ice on a business’s property where it is an obstacle is a risk for the business that can unfortunately become a liability. Timely snow removal and ice management is good risk mitigation!

All of the snow and ice management is done by us, Lightning Mobile Inc., as we do not subcontract our work to other companies! Every piece of snow plowing and removal as well as our ice mitigation equipment and all the vehicles are owned by us. This assures you of professional quality experience at your business properties.

Our service area is all of Denver Metro and North to Longmont, West to Golden, East to Parker and South to Colorado Springs.

Lightning Mobile Inc.’s experienced snow and ice crews are properly trained to know how to use the correct amount of deicer for the temperatures at hand, no matter how cold it gets here on the Front Range. Mitigation is sometimes not possible when the large storms come in too thick and fast and that's is when the "removal" phase comes in where our crews and equipment remove the ice and snow. Should the removal process require hand shoveling and scraping, that too is part of our services.

Please give us a call at (303) 595-9559 to arrange an appointment so that we can properly evaluate your snow plowing and removal needs, as well as ice mitigation now so that when the next snow season is upon us, your commercial and industrial properties are already properly prepared for the winters of Colorado’s Front Range.