Walnut Shell Grit Blasting

Walnut Shell Grit was used to bring the original finish back to this aluminum sided trailer. Thin aluminum surfaces are usually too delicate to be using an abrasive media such as sand or a metal slag that might be use on a steel surface and we found that walnut shell grit was the perfect media for this trailer.

Walnut shell grit is biodegradable so it can be more practical to use in areas where the blasting media can get into the surrounding environment. Sometimes walnut shell media can be a better solution than what you might have anticipated would be used. At Lightning Mobile Inc. we have many types of abrasive medias at our disposal, as well as the proper blasting equipment to apply it. If it is an exterior surface of just about any type, we can clean and/or restore the surface to its original appearance.

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Walnut Shell Blasting