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Media Blasting

Industrial Sized Epoxy Removal

All Types of “Media” Blasting

The term “sandblasting” is used many times when actually another type of abrasive “media” other than sand will be used as the blasting material. There are many types of substances used as a blasting media. This is because various surfaces need different abrasive materials to clean and restore that surface back to the original appearance without causing any damage or harm to that surface.

This is why Lightning Mobile Inc. offers basically any type of blasting media that is available on the markets today. Whatever your particular situation might be, we have the correct equipment to properly handle the tasks at hand, as well as the knowledgeable skills of our technicians to capability do the job professionally, first time, every point.

Please visit our separate webpages for Sandblasting, Dustless Blasting, Dry Ice Blasting, Corn Cob Blasting and Walnut Shell Blasting. Below we describe some of the other blasting medias that we use when the circumstances arrive.

One of the various types of blasting media that we offer are multiple metal slags, such as coal, nickel, steel and copper slags. Slags are the byproducts of various processes, such as smelting.

Glass beads and crushed glass can be used on plastics, fiberglass and metal parts cleaning. When using our blasting cabinets, glass beads usually have advantages over using sand.

There are several types of plastics that are used for blasting purposes such as Polyester, Urea, Melamine, Acrylic and Clear Cut. These are use when blasting surfaces that need the attention of a more delicate but still effective stripping and cleaning method.

There are some oxide blasting medias available and the one most commonly used is Aluminum oxide. This media can be handy at times for preparation, cleaning, deburring and cutting of various metals, glass, wood, rubber, plastics, ceramics, composite materials and stone.

We also offer Soda Blasting, a method that offers several unique benefits in its use. Sodium bicarbonate blast media produces a unique cutting action with little or no effect on most substrates. For example to remove paint, thick grime, grease and dirt from glass, the soda blasting method leaves no etching and it will not “profile” steel.