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Dry Ice Blasting

Lightning Mobile Inc. is one of the only industrial and commercial businesses’ Dry Ice Blasting providers in all of Colorado! Dry Ice Blasting is a FDA, EPA and USDA approved method of cleaning!

Dry Ice Blasting Services for all of Colorado


The Dry Ice Blasting Specialists of Colorado providing the perfect cleaning method for the food and beverage industries since this is specifically approved by the FDA, the EPA and the USDA to be used for those industries. This method of cleaning, abating and restoration is perfect for removing the toughest of grease, grime, dried petroleum products, and other tough to remove substances without harming even delicate surfaces.

Dry Ice Blasting is the perfect ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND way to clean and restore surfaces and this service can be done while other people are in the same area! No need to clear out the employees while using this method. We have provided our Dry Ice Blasting services to the likes of the Coors Brewing Co. in Golden, Colorado.

Though similar to other methods of abrasive blasting such as soda blasting, sandblasting and the like, the medium being used is actual dry ice! Dry ice sublimates at room temperature and leaves no chemical residues. This is why dry ice blasting is the perfect way to clean large restaurant and kitchen equipment, laboratories, bakeries, micro breweries and other locations where the upmost cleanliness is required.

For these special surface and environmental needs dry ice blasting is superior to other types of media and abrasive blasting because for most of the circumstances that we come across, we can take care of the equipment where it sits in place! No need to remove anything to clean it! This also means less damage risk to the equipment since it is does not have to be moved.

Dry ice does not erode or wear down those delicate surfaces as the traditional sandblasting and other abrasive medias would. Being that dry ice is soft, it will not pit or damage the surface being furbished. It is the perfect means to clean electrical and electronic parts without worry of corrosion and oxidation.

Lightning Mobile Inc. provides 24/7 availability of this very specialized service to fit your business’s scheduling requirements whether it be days, nights and/or weekends. Routine maintenance services are available as are emergency services.