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Corn Cob Blasting

Corn Cob Blasting has long been known as one of the best abrasive medias to use for restoring wooden and log surfaces clean of stains, varnishes and the weathering that the sun and the environment can cause over years of exposure. Using a media such as corn cob grit is a safe means for the surrounding areas since it is all organic matter that will decompose into the earth rather quickly.

Corn cob grit is also a good media to use for other delicate descaling, resurfacing and restoration of surfaces. With our decades of experience, skilled technicians and the correct equipment to handle any type of surface, we will be able to suggest maybe several media blasting options as a means to handle the situation at hand.

Log home restoration has its own special challenges in that many of these homes are in tough to get to locations and then there are the difficult areas of the home’s exterior to gain access to. Lightning Mobile Inc’s fleet of heavy-duty and light duty vehicles and specialized equipment will help get the job done correctly! Mountain home restoration is just of one the many professional services that we offer.

When using corn cob grit to restore the wood surface there is no need to wait before applying a stain or coating. This is a great method for cedar and other wood sidings. The dust from using a corn cob grit is very slight and any grit that might be left once the project is finished can be used as mulch since it is biodegradable and all natural.

There is only minimal dust with cob blasting and any grit that is left after the work is complete can be used as mulch.

For interior wooden beams and ceilings when they are damaged from smoke and fire, corn cob blasting is often an option that is used. As it is also used to restore the original surface of wooden beams and ceilings when removing a stain or varnish.

There are situations where we might suggest using walnut shell grit or the new “Dustless” blasting method. Dustless blasting is an excellent means to remove paint from wood siding.

Please give us a call to arrange a free quote and consultation. Once one of our experts is able to evaluate your property maintenance sitaution and needs, we will then be able to determine what types of blasting media and methods would best be suited for the surface/s that are in question.