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Colorado’s Sandblasting Experts

Whether it is “sandblasting” that you need or some other type of media - abrasive blasting method required, we have the equipment, skills and vehicles to get the job done right

Lightning Mobile Inc.
Colorado’s Front Range
Sandblasting Experts

Sandblasting is all too often these days used as a generic term as there are many different media and abrasives that can be used other than sand. However, at one time it was the most used method of “blasting”. Sandblasting is a great media for stripping away paint and rust from many types of metal and it can be used on various different types of surfaces. When you need to remove rust, paint, dirt and grime before applying a new finish to the surface, sandblasting is often a good means of obtaining good results.

Our mobile units are equipped with commercial sized pressure pot and siphon systems, available to come directly to your site whether it be day, night and/or weekends. We also have blast rooms at our Denver office location where you can bring the project to us to save yourself the travel charges. Whether the project large or small we are available to take care of any industrial, commercial or residential need.

“Do No Harm To The Property” is more than just a slogan, it is how we conduct our work wherever we are. At Lightning Mobile Inc. we have the most skilled and knowledgeable technicians and therefore they will be able to determine the proper type of method and media for your particular situation at hand.

Many people think that when they need to have paint removed from the old, red brick that was made over a century ago here in Denver and throughout Colorado that it is only done by sandblasting. This depends on the age and softness of the brick at hand, as sometimes using a sand or other like grit media would be damaging to the brick’s surface. This is why your property maintenance needs ought to only be done by professionals who know the proper “blasting” and pressure washing methods and that have the correct equipment and vehicles to get the job done right.

Call us at (303) 595-9559 to schedule an appointment for one of our representatives to pay you a visit and we can tell you the best options for your property maintenance needs.